WASD - Move

Space/MouseClick - Shoot

Space - Interact In Overworld

If you get a javascript error, just refresh the page. This game is not ment to be played in the browser but we exported it this way to make it as accessible as possible, so we can gather more feedback. There may also be some UI scaling problems due to this.

This is a Shoot'em up boss-killer game heavily inspired by a game we all know and love.  Every single frame of the game is hand-drawn and this first "early access" version of the game is ment to take around 10 minutes to complete.

Programming/Enemy Art - Calle1122
Programming/Sound/Background Art - Karba
Special thanks to Gazpacho for coming over many late nights for moral support and for providing us with your musical ability.
Investor/Believer - Ollie

-Choose your weapon. A weapon system with a selection of 3 weapon types
-Challenges. The boss you will face has 3 challenges. Can you beat them all?
-Fully hand-drawn art. Every single frame in the game is hand-drawn to give a similar feeling to the likes of our source material. There's over 1000 hand drawn frames in the game right now, and over 2000 if we count unused/scrapped frames.

-Collectibles. Each boss will have collectibles in forms of coins you can gather and put in a journal. Once 3 coins of that boss-type has been put in the journal, you unlock an "uber" version of that boss that awards you with weapon upgrades that might come in handy for future bosses.
-Quests. The player can encounter friendly npcs in the overworld that has tasks for the player. Complete these tasks to unlock new parts of the world or alternate travel routes.
-Mini bosses. Single-phase fights that grants you minor upgrades upon completion
-More major bosses. The currently available boss took slightly more than a month to finish, mostly because of how art heavy a multi-phased fight can be. If there is an interest from the public, we might consider doing more sooner than later.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorsKarba, Calle1122
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags2D, Boss battle, Casual, cuplike, Difficult, Fangame, Hand-drawn, Shoot 'Em Up, Weapons
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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Amazing game, needs a bit of balancing polish, but its heading the right direction with a lot of love for detail! LOVE IT! 


I could not win :( But it is very nice on the eyes


Hard, but fun!


love the art <3


First man to win with shotgun + no hp taken.


Awesome game!